AECT and Divisional Election results.

As a member, please extend your congratulations and support to your new leaders. AECT also extends its appreciate to each candidate for their willingness to serve in their new leadership positions.

New Officers for 2018:

Newly Elected Officers


 President Elect 
     • Michael M. Grant 
 Culture, Learning and Technology:   President-Elect Designate 
     • Sylvia Rogers 
 VP of Divisional Awards 
     • Holly Marshburn 
 VP of Finance & Development 
     • Dr. Lequisha Brown-Joseph 
 VP of Research and Publications 
     • Amy Bradshaw 
 VP of Membership 
     • Juhong (Christie) Liu 
 AECT Board Representative 
     • Camille Dickson-Deane 
 GSA Representative 
     • Tye Deal 
 Design and Development:   President Elect 
     • Jill Stefaniak 
 VP of Communications 
     • Patricia J Slagter van Tryon 
 Division Board Member 
     • Sungwoong Lee 
 Distance Learning:   President Elect 
     • Rebecca Reese 
     • Laura Gray 
 Graduate Student Assembly:   President Elect 
     • Nate Turcotte 
 Communications Officer 
     • Kiran Budhrani 
 Social Media Officer 
     • Sarinporn Chaivisit 
 Ethics Committee Representative 
     • Ashley McArthur 
 SMT Board Representative 
     • Sonia Rajendra Tiwari 
 ELT Board Representative 
     • Beheshteh Abdi 
 OTP Board Representative 
     • Surey Rios 
 D&D Board Representative 
     • Kathy Essmiller 
 DDL Board Representative 
     • Meina  Zhu 
 International Board Representative 
     • Nicole Wang 
 STC Board Representative 
     • Murat Turk 
 Teacher Education Board Representative 
     • Stacie Slusher 
 International:   President Elect 
     • Seungoh Paek 
 Research & Theory:   President Elect 
     • Eunjung (Grace) Oh 
     • Ismahan Arslan-Ari 
 Board Member at Large 
     • Doris Bolliger 
 Communications Officer 
     • Cara North 
 Featured Research Coordinator 
     • Andrew Tawfik 
 Professional Development Coordinator 
     • Wanli Xing 
 Graduate Student Representative 
     • Bret Staudt Willet 
 School Media & Technology:   President Elect 
     • Tamera Hudnell 
 Communications Officer 
     • Sean Jackson 
     • Jennifer Scott Brown 
 Board Member At-Large (2 positions) 
     • Dennis Beck Bruce DuBoff 
 Systems Thinking & Change:   President Elect 
     • Suha Tamim 
     • Monica Sulecio de Alvarez 
 Communications Officer 
     • Ashley McArthur 
 AECT Board Representative 
     • Samantha Blevins 
 Division Board Member (1st Position) 
     • Beth Rajan Sockman 
 Division Board Member (2nd Position) 
     • Minkyoung Kim 
 Division Board Member (3rd Position) 
     • Todd Adrian 
 Teacher Education:   AECT Board Representative 
     • Christine Sorensen Irvine 
 Board Member at Large 
     • Kalianne Neumann 
 President Elect 
     • Craig Shepherd 

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