Culture, Learning and Technology
VP Professional Development

Lisa Giacumo
Assistant professor, Boise State University

Iím an assistant professor in the Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning department in the College of Engineering at Boise State University and Iím running for the VP of Professional Development in the CLT division. My background in educational technology, workplace learning, and instructional design for intervention delivery needs across cultures and around the globe, make me particularly well-suited for the scope of VP of Professional Development position in CLT.

Over the past ten years, I have been an active member of AECT and have served many of the divisions (CLT, OTP, D&D, INT, and R&T) in various roles as a conference reviewer, awards judge, and committee volunteer. My experience serving on the D&D and OTP boards has also prepared me to request your support with my continued growth into this new leadership role with the CLT division.

My research interests focus on cross-cultural workplace learning initiatives on a global scale, big data and analytics for improving workplace learning, instructional design for blended training and performance improvement needs, mentoring, and competency development in IDs. In addition to research, I have a strong and diverse background as a practitioner charged with designing for cross-cultural learning needs and instructional technology, for delivery across the globe. In previous positions, I worked as an instructional designer, trainer, and manager, for various not-for-profits, non-governmental organizations, for-profit businesses, and universities. What I have learned from both my research and practitioner background is that although we tend to understand the importance of culture in our practices, very few know how to recognize, engage, implement, or incorporate responsive designs when it comes to addressing the needs of learners originating from or situated in diverse cultures around the world.

I am excited by the opportunity to become more involved with CLT, creating new opportunities for professional development in the division. We can best support the growth of a diverse, healthy research and practitioner community by each making a commitment to lift each other higher. This can be accomplished at AECT member meetings as well as my commitment to further develop CLT into a division that is active beyond face-to-face conferences. I would begin by coordinating with the VP of Communications, the VP of Research and Publications, and GSA liaison. With their input, the executive leadership input, and through solicitation of member input, I would commit to assessing the CLT division membersí professional development needs. These findings could be used to help focus and facilitate year-round opportunities for professional development around the excellent work researchers and practitioners accomplish at the intersection of culture, learning, and technology. Lastly, I would commit to further support CLT members by soliciting actionable and personalized conference proposal reviewer feedback.
Thank you for your consideration!

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