Design and Development
AECT Board Representative

Tonya Amankwatia
Regent University

I am Dr. Tonya Amankwatia, and I ask for your support in my bid for Design and Development (D & D) Board Representative. My AECT membership began in 2003 as a graduate student. At that point, I knew that AECT would become my professional home. I have held the following division or affiliate memberships over the years: D & D; Systemic Change; Distance Learning (DDL); Culture, Learning and Technology (formerly Minorities in Multimedia -MIM); and Teacher Education. I have also served on ECTís Membership Committee. One of my greatest privileges was being honored as an AECT Cochran Intern and a McJulien Scholarship recipient.

All of these experiences gave me several opportunities to serve and lead. My significant AECT service includes: DDL board member and awards chair, TED board member-at-large and communications sub-committee, an originator and first Past President of the Graduate Student Assembly, conference proposal reviewer (D&D, DDL, Change, and TED), and session facilitator. My editorial review support includes: the Handbook for Research Educational Communications and Technology, ETR&Dís Cultural and Regional Perspectives, and Learning, Problem Solving, and Mindtools: Essays in Honor of David H. Jonassen.

Iím a graduate of Lehigh University with a Ph.D. in Learning Sciences and Technology and concentration in Instructional Design. I am currently the director of the Center for Teaching and Learning at Regent University in Virginia Beach, VA. Because this new role centers on media development and instructional design and evaluation, I look forward to reconnecting with D&D as my primary division. I believe my rich experiences as a researcher, faculty, and practitioner should serve me well as I represent D&D.

In the Board Representative role, I will do my best to exchange ideas freely, communicate accurately, and widen the participation circle. I am committed to AECT and hope to earn your vote.

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