Culture, Learning and Technology
VP of Communications

Hengtao Tang

I am a dual title PhD candidate of Learning, Design, and Technology (LDT) as well as Comparative and International Education (CI ED) program at The Pennsylvania State University. I am running for VP of Communications at the Culture, Learning, and Technology (CLT) Division. Since 2012, I have had the privilege of serving our organization and members in a variety of ways.
During last three years, I am the International Board Representative at GSA and this experience equipped me the insights of bonding members and promoting collaborations between divisions. In 2015, I initiated the social event “INTL and GSA Nights on the Town” at the convention to provide an informal opportunity for members from different cultures to talk, share, and collaborate in one organization. Furthermore, I am also serving as GSA session planner, volunteer supervisor, and facilitators.
Being more involved in the organization, I was honored as one of interns in 2015. Our intern class realized the importance of communication within our organization so we started the project to provide a comprehensive job-aid for conducting webinars or facilitating division meetings at the Ready-talk platform. Our goal is to benefit information sharing and promote mutual collaboration within our organization.
If elected as the VP of communication, I will move forward with the vision of the Culture, Learning and Technology Division to represent those members of AECT who are interested in issues at the intersection of culture, learning and technology. First, I will unify the CLT members through more communication on social network, listserv, and also convention sessions. Further, I will propose more initiatives to represent CLT in the organization, such as webinars, twitter chats, and newsletters. Finally, it is also important to widen the opportunity of collaboration with other divisions through co-sponsored sessions or initiatives towards the multicultural prosperity at AECT.

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