Systems Thinking & Change
President Elect

M. Aaron Bond
Virginia Tech

I would appreciate the opportunity to serve as the Systems Thinking and Change Division as President.  Currently, I am serving a three-year term as Systems Thinking and Change AECT Board Representative.  In my time on the board and with the division, I have developed a strong desire to help with continuous improvement efforts in AECT and the Systems Thinking and Change division.  This is an exciting time to be a part of the Systems Thinking and Change division, and I look forward to working with you all to influence educational change efforts across the division and within AECT as well.  

As a proven educational leader and faculty developer, I understand that building a successful educational endeavor requires a systematic approach that involves research-based strategic planning, dedication to meeting the goals of all stakeholders, a comprehensive professional development program, and a strong spirit of cooperation.  Much of my career has been dedicated to improving education across multiple settings.  With an extensive educational background in both the public and private settings, I have served as a corporate trainer, k-12 instructor, k-12 administrator, university faculty, and currently serve as Senior Director for Networked Learning Initiatives at Virginia Tech.  In each setting I have learned that change must come from within and is often fostered through professional and organizational development efforts.  

As a member of the AECT community and the Systemic Change community for more than 5 years, I have built lasting relationships and found the desire to serve in the organization.  I believe in the mission articulated by the Systems Thinking and Change leadership to dramatically influence change in education, and I am honored to offer my talents and passion for continuous improvement in the role of Systems Thinking and Change President.  

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